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Face to Face Noodle House (面对面)

Hello there!

We have an inside joke among some of us Malaysians that we have 4 seasons even though we are a tropical country.

Here you get to experience the hot, the rain, the very hot, and the very rainy seasons.

If you like, I suppose you can say we have hot, rain, sale, and durian seasons.

No doubt we don’t have temperatures as high as summer heat in certain other countries, but you can often hear someone in Malaysia complaining that “the weather today is sibeh (superbly) hot”.

It’s been raining cats and dogs in Malaysia these past few weeks though. I suppose it is the monsoon season now.

But more recently, it’s been decent (sunny) weather during the day.

Decent weather

Back to food… There is a popular food here in Subang Jaya (I’m not sure if it is popular elsewhere), which many Subangites love – chilli pan mee.

The famous place for chilli pan mee as a Subangite would typically be Chili Pan Mee USJ 9 (now moved to Taipan) or at SS15.

But when they’re out of sight, the next restaurant that may come to mind is Face to Face.

After 93°C Cafe last week, my friend and I continued our early dinner at Face to Face Noodle House.

Face to Face shopfront
My friend in the shop
Tissue boxes stuck on walls for easy access

They initially had mostly pan mee (if I remember correctly) but their menu had since expanded to other foodstuff (you can even find nasi lemak here!).

Spicy (dry) pan mee that comes with soup [House Specialty H&S Pan Mee; Dry; Noodles B; Small]
Choose your sauce! The biggest jar usually means the ‘most popular’ sauce right? In this case, YES
With chilli now!
Close up of yolky eggg

Pan mee or 板面 is directly translated as ‘board noodles’. I am unsure of the origin of its name, or of the noodle itself. Perhaps in Hakka it means flat noodles?

According to it says that pan mee may be a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian culinary. calls it a Malaysian dish and a comfort food for those of Hakka descent.

After mixing everything in the bowl

Taking in the chilli noodles, you will find yourself grateful for the ’tissue tissue on the wall’ that are readily accessible as your nose starts crying from the heat.

Now we noodles. And after, we dessert.

ABC Special (Air Batu Campur consisting of syrup, corn, cendol, red bean, longan and nata de coco)

The direct translation of Air Batu Campur is mixed stone water. Well, ice is literally stone water so… yeah.

So ABC refers to shaved ice with things on the side.

Overall, the noodles were pretty not bad and the ABC was good.

I didn’t take a picture of their menu, but I think you will find the prices here affordable. The pan mee I had was RM8 while the ABC Special was RM6.50.

Thanks for reading this post!

Let us eat pan mee!


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