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The reason …

Hello thereee

This will be my public journal of foodventures in Malaysia.

One of the reasons I’m starting this is because of my immense love to eat. And I happen to live in one of the most flavourful nations in the world.

Needless to say, there are countless social media accounts logging onto the local foodscape.

Most of these tell of great foods and sorts, but I just want to tell of the food that’s here – great or not.

Another reason I’m doing this is to gain some experience on content writing, and perhaps basic designing and social media marketing.

Sooooo, feel free to drop some constructive feedback on how my blog can be more informative for local food divers like yourself (I’m assuming you are one since you’re here).

And feel free to let me know of any underrated or hidden local food/business centres that you like to go to, for your personal reasons. It doesn’t have to taste superb.

Disclaimer though: I may not reply quickly as this is a new side thing I am trying, so I still need some time to make blogging here a habit.

So here goes … Let us eat Malaysian food!


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