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Thrive On Café

Hellooo! Welcome to Breaking Bread!

In honour of the blog name, the first food post must surely be related to bread. I insist.

But I must also admit that some may argue it is not truly bread.

Anyway …

I think some of you may be able to relate if I say “I need to go to a cafe to concentrate on finishing … because I’m too comfortable at home!”

(A result from working at home since March)

And so here I was, at the doorstep of Thrive On to complete an assignment.

Front entrance of Thrive On Cafe

When you enter in, it feels a cozy place. I only took a picture of three signs there, which I thought were cute.

Coffee, tea, or … dessert?

The loo was really clean and adequately spacious too, just fyi.

There are plenty of plugs around for laptop peeps who might be wondering. Some of them can be found below the seats for the stuck-to-wall-and-cushioned long, uhh, seat.

I ordered an iced Matcha latte for company. As you can see below, the light woody colours in the cafe really make for a comfortable and neat feeling.

Matcha latte next to a tiny tree ornm

Since one glass can hardly sit through any assignment, I ordered something else as well. I presume it was their signature tea time menu.

Would you feel croissed without your morning coffee?

The salted egg croissant and coffee came as a combo.

Just to prove that this was LOADED with salted egg filling

Since the salted egg was really strong and sweet, the americano was a great complement to it. Loved it as a pair!

Come up close to the salted lava

What can I say? It was salty and sweet; it was good.

I just checked their menu, and yes, the salted egg croissant is labelled a ‘Must Try!’ there, and also a bestseller.

You can check out their menu and prices here:

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading till the end! And I’d like to conclude with …

Let us eat bread croissant!


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