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Mykori Dessert Café

Hello there!

In Malaysia, we have extended the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). This means that we are not allowed to travel inter-district and with other people from different households in the same car.

I have obediently stayed home owing to my office’s work at home mandate (also because it is in another district from mine) coupled with the high number of daily cases in my state.

But after 2 weeks straight of not going out, my productivity juice was dwindling and so out I went to do some reading – just law-abidingly nearby.

To Mykori I went.

The entrance to Mykori

I’ve never really noticed it before. But here it is.

As I walked up the stairs, I had certain expectations – a cosy and brightly-lit air-conditioned space with pretty furniture and a hint of Japanese culture.

Well, it was air-conditioned and well-lit but it lacked a certain ambience somehow.

Nevertheless, as you enter the door, you will be greeted by a shelf of unicorn plushies (which I didn’t manage to take a photo of).

The counter

Instead, here is a picture of their counter. Sadly, they don’t provide e-wallet payment. Still, apart from cash we can pay by card with a minimum spend of RM 5.

The utensils and napkins are provided here and there’s a water station right at the end too.

There is also balcony seating, which to me is a plus when looking for spots to chill. Sometimes you just feel like being outdoors indoors, you know?

Of course, being here, I must try their Kakigori.

Mini Matcha Latte Kakigori

I really liked it. I’m so glad for the milk foam on top of the shaved ice as well, it was a good combination.

Inside it, you will find brown sugar(?) chewy balls and red bean. May be a good dessert to share on a date.

Chicken slice and cheese Taiyaki

This would make a good snack when you’re craving for something savoury.

What is inside? Cut it open, and you’ll find two slices of processed chicken that look like ham.

And yes, the outside is like a crispy paratha.

Chocoreo frappe
(it’s not on their online menu yet)

And here, completing the snack with a drink. Nothing special about it honestly. A decent drink though.

I would want to try the Pink Bandung frappe next time. Sirap Bandung or Air Bandung is a local drink that we have here, usually made from rose syrup, and oftentimes with milk added.

Some add cincau (grass jelly) into their Bandung too.

You can see what else Mykori offers here on their website:

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading till the end! And I’d like to conclude with …

Let us eat Kakigori!


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