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93°C Cafe

Hello there!

Just a short post for this cafe as many of their menu items were not available.

So we only tried 2 items.

I didn’t take a photo of their store front. But here are some pics I did take.

Fancy teapot and teaspoon
Berries tea

Sad to say that the tea didn’t taste as great as the tea set looked. It tasted exactly like blackcurrant flavouring, the kind that I drank when I was a kid by mixing powdered blackcurrant with water.

If that is how ‘Berries Tea’s are supposed to taste, I have no comments.

Margarita pizza
Close up of la Margarita

When it came to us, we were (or at least I was) in shock. Something was missing haha.

I asked my friend what it was – why did it look so sad? I thought it was because of the plate perhaps?

She rightly pointed out that there were only 4 half cherry tomatoes on the pizza – 1 for each slice.

If you’re gonna stinge on the tomatoes, it would have looked much better sliced up and distributed across at least, said she.

Oh wells. It tasted great though. Wished it also had some green veg on it though. Perhaps that could fix its sad look as well.

But perhaps this was fitting for its price? It was rather on the cheap side – RM9.90.

Here you can have contactless ordering as well.

Here is a general picture of their online menu

Please only use this link for reference to their menu:

And they adhered to the social distancing SOP very well. Our seats were about 2m apart I think.

I think they may be more knowledgable on coffee. I may return for that!

After that we headed to another food place. That’s all for this cafe!

Thanks for reading today’s post!

Let us eat pizza!


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