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Tiennielicious Café

Helloo there!

It’s been some busy months, not to mention the high cases in my state the past 2 months, which has now mellowed down a little.

In December, I visited this beautiful cafe! It was pretty ambience-wise but their menu, often with new limited time items, is really what beautifies the cafe! You can check them out on their instagram @tiennielicious

Enter in with me!

They are located above 7-Eleven at USJ 4
Simple pretty entrance with QR codes
Must scan before entering!
That green wall lines the hallway entrance we were at just now. Cozy vibes here with a unique Christmas tree!
Feels so cozyyy
More cozy and instagrammable decor

Now, this cafe is not especially known for Matcha but the below ordered items are because I personally like Matcha.

All the Matcha items on the menu! (or almost) (or not haha)
Matcha Yuzu Cheesecake

This cheesecake was soooo gooodd, and decadent! And the tang from the Yuzu made it refreshing as well.

The texture is soft and … just perfect. This is my style of cheesecake.

For those who prefer gooey-er, compact dense, or tofu-like cheesecake, this is not it.

(The top white part was probably tofu cheesecake though. But the Matcha part was not)

Thai Tea Matcha Latte

The drink was really good too, look at all the bubbbblllleeeessss! You can imagine the frothiness.

I haven’t encountered this combination elsewhere. It’s pretty great because I can taste both the Thai tea and the Matcha, and not a confusion.

Just remember not to have this with a cheesecake, I had a sugar overload that made me nauseous for a while.

Matcha Choco Chip Cookie
Coffee to pair with

By now I can hardly mouth another sugar food so I ordered a cup of coffee. It helped a lot. Please pardon my greed for sweets.

The cookie was alright. The most intriguing part of it was the centre which seemed and felt marshmallowy but was probably just white chocolate.

I do it no justice though as I had it at my sweet’s end. Please don’t hesitate to try it there if you are a cookie person!

For all the coffee lovers, here is a standalone shot
High priced but worth it for their unique flavours and craftsmanship (and not to mention that the higher priced ones were cheesecakes), and being as filling as a meal

If you want to have a look at their menu, you can check it out here:

Everything looks [chef’s kiss]

Thanks for reading till the end! Until next time…

Let us eat Matcha desserts!


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