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Christmas was coming, and the virus cases were getting better in Malaysia.

So I brought my parents to an Asian fusion restaurant where my friends and I had visited before to appreciate them.

Sorry for just this snippet of the storefront, I didn’t initially intend to blog this visit. It looks much better in real life, trust me.

It’s really comfortable knowing that this restaurant takes the SOPs seriously.

We looked through an e-menu instead of a physical one. And every table is situated enough distance from each other.

We ordered and the drinks arrived as below.

Tea, Beer and …
Matcha & Lime

The beer and tea tasted like beer and tea. And this Matcha & Lime, ooh! It was refreshing, not what I expected.

To be fair, I didn’t really expect anything, just thought it may be creamier or frothier, so the light texture and refreshing-ness just took me away for a moment.

It wasn’t great at first, I thought it was diluted. But after I stirred it (with a dining spoon as I did not ask for a stirrer), it tasted sooo good.

The umami taste of Matcha + the citrus of the lime + refreshing mint.

Then came our dishes!

Mandarin Duck

I wished the Mandarin taste came through more, but otherwise very much a pleasant duck dish.

Salmon Like You

I remember this being pretty good. But I would have preferred to order something else more unique – that’s just me.

Kung Fu Pork (I think)

Look at the sizzlessss

This dish above was super goooddd!!! The taste was SO flavourful, after the last bite, I wished there was more.

It was savoury but a little sweet too, it was just so packed with FLAVOUR. Mmmmmm.

I can’t really describe it now – I regret not writing down exactly how it tasted like at that time. My tongue has forgotten, only my heart remembers how my palate felt.

But I can’t seem to find it on its current e-menu. Hopefully it’s just a seasonal break for Kung Fu Pork.

Forebidden Bowl

We wanted to try the Hua Hua Huanderful Bowl but it was sold out that night. So we got the Forebidden Bowl instead.

Pretty good dessert to end the night with.

Its sister branch – a café just up a few shoplots in the same row – Foremula serves certain similar foods but more other café items.

If you want to check out Forebidden’s menu, you can find it at their website (, or this link:

I hope you enjoy their pun-ny food names as much as I did !

Thanks for readinggg.

Let us eat Asian fusion!


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