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Rolling Daruma x Olfactory Bulb


I came here with a friend last December and tried out this place on the way …

… because I actually had to be there to buy another friend a drink as one of her Christmas presents (her wishlist was unique tea/coffee) – they had a Mandarin coffee on their menu called Mandarin Caramel Shakerato.

The atmosphere here was so comfy for a long chat with a long friend, which was apt for me and my 13-years long friend.

The scene that feeds your eyes when you enter

It’s a little hard to see here but at the end of the space is an ‘outer room’ which is still indoors.

If I am not mistaken, the outer room with a nicer view operates with fans instead of airconds.

It was Christmas then; I think you could have left your tips here 🤔
Friend with Hokkaido Grilled Pork Donburi

We sat in the inner space. You can kind of see the outer room from here, behind my friend, where a blue-shirt person was seated.

The pork from her dish was well seasoned and yummy!! And look at those beautiful egg halves.

Her point of view
My point of view with RD x OFB Gyoza Udon in Sake Pork-Bone Broth

The broth was not bad – I remember enjoying it and continously scooping it up to drink. But I couldn’t really taste the Sake.

The gyoza was just alright, perhaps a little more seasoning might have made it have more of a flavour kick?

The egg halves though! Loved the yolk still being yolky.

Ceremonial Usucha Matcha
Sunshine in Matcha

The Matcha was kind of bland(?). Not much umami coming through, but don’t trust me, I’m still an amateur with Matcha.

Would I come here again? Yes, the overall taste experience was decent.

The most striking thing to highlight at RD x OFB was their excellent service!

Their waiters would often check on tables to refill our glasses of water before we even call for them.

I know it may be quite a norm in many countries or eateries, but in Malaysia, drinking water at many cafes are usually either self-service or cost more than it should for a non-refillable cup/bottle.

Here, it was free and refillable; refilled by their service crew.

And they were very patient and polite during ordering, and with our questions.

The staff also let me know to finish the drink – remember Mandarin coffee for takeaway – within a few hours/days (sorry I forgot which), and she gave suggestions on how best to keep the flavour since I told her it was for a friend that night and won’t be consumed immediately.

Again, it might be a norm for service crews to be polite but at the same time, not all service crews are this polite – what with a friendly tone in their voices as well!

Here’s a link to their beepit menu btw:

Still, their in-house menu was more diverse than this. You can find some images of it on Google.

For Malaysians, hopefully we can dine in here again after the new MCO is lifted.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading today’s post!

Let us eat Japanese fusion!


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