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Piccoli Lotti

Hi hi! It’s been a long time.

I’ve had a few posts in my draft tab for the past few months now but hadn’t gotten to posting them. Here they are!

So this first pic here is an introduction to how I got to know about Piccoli Lotti.

I was at Soylab in Damansara trying out their souffles with Matcha ice cream and red beans. The ice cream was soo good so I had to ask the counter if they made this in-house.

Souffle with Piccoli Lotti’s Matcha gelato with red beans on the side

They told me they buy this ice cream flavour from Piccoli Lotti. That’s when I knew I had to visit the place.

Ironically, I never got to try their Matcha gelato whenever I visit as every time I am there, this flavour is not 🥲

PS: They rotate flavours every week

Piccoli Lotti was started in 2017 and was set to become a very trendy and popular artisanal gelato stop in Klang Valley.

Subang Jaya branch

Look at the crowd! We love ice cream! 💟

When you reach the counter, as at every ice cream shop, you get to taste the ice creams. I tried several flavours and settled for Black Sesame my first trip there.

Black Sesame flavour

Side note: The Pulut Tai Tai really tasted like nyonya kueh. I think it tasted like the blue and white kueh.

(I just looked it up online and the blue and white kueh is called Pulut Tai Tai 🙈).

On another trip, my friend and I tried their waffles as well. It was good.

It was soft but not the soggy thick kind of soft. I can’t remember if it was crispy on the outside but I think it was slightly.

It was sooo good to have this as dessert though.

If I recall correctly, the flavours were Earl Grey with Ginger Cookies and probably Thai Milk Tea(?).

Earl Grey w Ginger and Thai Milk Tea on the side of waffles

And on another trip at the Damansara Kim branch, I tried another flavour. This time I went with one that had some alcohol.

This was Rum flavoured I believe, with nuts. But the flavour wasn’t strong enough to make it flavourful. Perhaps it was just that batch.

Rum with nuts

There will always be more trips to this place as long as it is still standing!

Here’s their link to order if you’re interested:

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! Until next time…

Let us eat gelato!


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