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Jim’s Recipe


Today I will be posting on some things I’ve tried from a bakery called Jim’s Recipe.

Oreo Ball
One half of the Oreo Ball
And the other half, just for fun, hehe

I can’t tell if it tastes like Oreo or like Milo. Hmmmmmmmm…..

It tastes not bad, but I was expecting it to be sweeter. I would say, it was rather dry though. Maybe about 9% chocolate sauce inside.

It seems that they are more known for their sponge cakes. I remember trying some from Jim’s Recipe a few years back and thinking it was alright (because I was somehow comparing it to a Castella cake).

But really, for a sponge cake, the eggy taste and texture were spot on. It definitely easily kept me going for second and third rounds of the 25cm × 15cm (?) yellow rectangle.

To look at more from Jim’s Recipe, you can visit their new instagram:

Thanks for reading!

Let us eat cake!


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