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Throwback to a satisfying meal in 2021.

I have forgotten all the names (so sorry for that!) but I have not forgotten how they made me feel *drools*.

The lunch set we had ordered
Cha Soba
Cha Soba condiments to be added to the sauce

The Cha Soba was goooooood — it was cold, the sauce was flavourful, the spring onions were fresh, there was enough sauce for the whole soba experience.

Agedashi(?) Tofu

This Agedashi Tofu was SUPERBLY yummy. It had a very good balance between savoury and sour, and it had a light crisp though it was still soft.

It was SO good, I wish there were more of this.

Salmon Sashimi Salad (?)

The salmon sashimi salad was good too. It was like a regular crisp salad with regular light dressing, which gave a clean and fresh taste.

Chuka Idako

Yes, this Chuka Idako was pretty good too!

The sauce it was marinated in was very flavourful, and they really thoroughly covered every part of the octopus, so every bite of it was delicious.


I love dumplings and Gyoza is no exception but this was truly disappointing. Especially as I looked forward to the Gyozas so much that day.

It lacked flavour. If I recall correctly, there should have been a vinegar ginger dip but even that could not save the taste of this dish.

I cannot remember what this dish was

It could be radish. Hmmmm. But I remember that it was pretty yummy. Flavourful.

Makizushi & Sashimi & Prawn

The Makizushi was regular. As in, it is like a Maki that you get in other Sushi place.

The sashimis were regular too. But they were good. The thickness was right, it gave a good satisfying chew in the mouth.

The kind-of-medium-cooked prawn was good too. I describe it as that because its body was a little more transparent than the regular fully orange and cooked prawn. And it was kind of cold. These made the texture quite unique — less meaty, a little more glassy.


I remember being full at this point and I’m not a big fan of chawanmushis but this chawanmushi was REALLY good. It had the usual Narutos in it and loads of other stuff. But I especially liked that it had Ginkgos in it.

I can’t remember if I finished it because I was THAT full (the whole set was really filling for me) but I remember feeling it to be such a waste of a chawanmushi THIS good if I couldn’t.

Miso Soup

Last but not least, every Japanese meal is incomplete without a bowl of Miso soup!

I’ve worked part time at a Japanese restaurant chain before (in Malaysia) and the Miso soup was made from a packet of Miso powder and hot water. That’s it. And they taste not bad.

But this Miso soup, I do not think they used powder.

It was good and you could tell they put the right effort and good ingredients that should go into a soup, and not simply whip one up in 30 seconds with a powder packet.

I guess this is what is expected from a non-mass-producing-system of restaurant chain (Uroko only has 2 branches) — Good Japanese food.

It seems that I do remember quite some of the food names haha.

Thanks for reading this far!

To find out more about Uroko, here is their website link:

Till next time.

Let us eat Japanese!


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